Extraordinary calm and quiet!

paysage hivernalLac Hersey is frozen solid in the winter and 2015 marks the first official winter season open for CFSU. It's safe to say not many people have seen the the camp like this, in the past the gravel road up to the camp was not plowed and was impassable. No longer the case. We are pleased to be able to welcome you into our winter domain. A great deal of preparation and work has gone into transforming what was once a summer camp only into a 4 season jewel in Lanaudiere; a place where nature takes on a such a bright, still, starkness - one can't help but be impressed.

Nonetheless, don't be surprised to wake to chatter and birdsong from the woods. During the summer, the camp often has 150 kids, teenagers, and adults swimming, jumping, and otherwise having a good time; in the winter, the camp's capacity is greatly reduced and you can expect a much more tranquil and intimate experience.

Whether it`s winter camping or a quiet weekend in one of the winterised cabins or the comfort in one of the auberges Abenakis (with it`s fully equipped kitchens) - there will be an accomodation to your liking with a budget to match. Group outings will have the option of animation and cafeteria service can be arranged in advance for larger groups.

Bring your cross country skis and blaze a trail around the lake; or strap on a set of snowshoes (provided at no cost) and tramp around 10 kilometers of trails. Bring your skates and get out on a natural skating rink and if you want fun in the snow, jump onto the challenges of the fitness trail!