A Registered Charity

The Camp familial St-Urbain (CFSU) has origins going back to 1927, when Milton Hersey, a successful and wealthy entrepreneur of Montreal generously donated a tract of land and lake to provide a nature getaway for city kids who needed it most.
Reincorporated in 1988 through a community effort and even more generousity, CFSU continues with a mission assuring accessibility to vacations in the great outdoors for families of modest revenue, ethnocultural groups, and those who live with physical and intellectual challenges.
CFSU`s nature centre offers year round activities adapting group and individual outings to the expectations and means available. Over the years, we have been able to provide truly affordable family vacations in the great outdoors of Quebec. Our vacation formula is structured on reduced pricing for families with the least means. It works!
As a registered charity, CFSU will issue tax receipts in recognition of your generousity; your donations are entirely devoted to the Camp's ongoing service to society.

Services Offered

Outdoor Activities

Our Mission

Since 1987, Corporation du Camp familial St-Urbain has brought together families and Associations, who work together providing access to a natural outdoors space... a special place, where people and their families with modest means can get away and trade the streets and lights for fresh air and stars in the sky.

The camp serves individuals, families, and groups from our society's complex fabric. Ethnocultural groups, the elderly, those who are physically or intellectually challenged, all are welcome. We've been doing it forever.

Our mission at CFSU is to provide our clients with access to an affordable vacation experience in the great outdoors - fauna, flora, clean air and clean water.

From the 1st of June until the end of September, vacation rates are determined on the basis of a family's annual income with greater discounts provided to those with the least.

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